Meet Elizabeth LaBarca

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Elizabeth LaBarca, LMT

Office AdministratorCertified Thermographic TechnicianElizabeth is not currently booking any new patients at this time.


From a very young age, Elizabeth used massage to help heal those around her. The simple act of “healing touch” was an interest/hobby for her until 2005, when she enrolled in the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Westport, CT.

Education & Training

She has furthered her education with many different courses since graduating in 2007, such as Shiatsu, Usui Reiki, and Thai modalities. These techniques add a well-rounded addition to her already impressive modes of bodywork, which include Western Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Acupressure, Sports Massage/Stretching, and Energy Work.

Elizabeth has worked alongside chiropractors for many years, learning a great deal from working with different injuries and disorders. She has done a great deal of work with rehabilitation, and her specialized sports stretching program has increased many athletes’ abilities as well as assisted people with chronic lower back issues.

Her Approach

Elizabeth is also and Intuitive Reader and does Medium Readings (“Massage Channeling”) as well as Tarot. “Massage Channeling” is a new ‘extra’ that Elizabeth is proud to add to her services. She has learned a great deal from working as a trained seer (a person who foresees or foretells events) and has had some work as a medium (contacting and being able to communicate with spirits) as well.

During the trance-like relaxation of a massage, our past loved ones can sometimes show themselves. During this stage, it is also easier for messages to be passed through to either side, for some to have questions answered, or just to have some closure with a sad or grievous passing.

Please keep in mind that the person you want to speak with may not always be the one to come through, but other visitors might in order to contact you to give you a message. These messages are for you to understand only. Elizabeth will not be able to interpret what is being said; she is merely there to open the lines of communication.
Elizabeth is not currently booking any new patients at this time.